On 18 January 2018, the event “Uozu Design Talks” took place successfully in Beijing, in the setting of Café 27. The list of speakers invited to the event included some of the most talented professionals in the field of architecture and lighting design in China: Francesco Giordani of the Beijing office of Archea Associati, Professor Zhang Xin of Tsinghua University and Zheng Jianwei, the chief designer of GSGS Lighting Stories Studio. The theme of the debate was “Emotional component in architecture and lighting design", and was explored by the speakers from a variety of different perspectives. Architects and designers are artists of the present day: hearing them talk about the inspiration behind their projects, the initial ideas and the way they turned into reality, is an inspiration for anyone who wants to understand where the beauty of a space comes from. How can a combination of materials, space, volumes and light help to create an "emotional" space? The answers given to the question were of great inspiration.