“DIVINE LIGHT” Conference & Launch Event in Florence

"Divine Light" is the title chosen for Uozu Lighting’s event that will take place on March 22 at the Franco Zeffirelli museum in Florence. It will be a conference, an exploration of the concept of light, and the presentation of the Uozu 2018 collection. 

Florence is where the design concepts of our 2018 collection come from. Our Italian team is based in the magnificent Renaissance town. Florence was also home to Dante Alighieri, poet and writer who is considered the father of the Italian language. This year, the Italian institutions are beginning a long series of cultural and literary events, in anticipation of the 700th anniversary since his passing away. Dante’s narrative poem “Divine Comedy”, is universally recognized as the most important written work in Italian, as well as one the greatest masterpieces of literature.

The Divine Comedy chronicles Dante’s imaginary journey from hell through purgatory, and finally to heaven, with the search of light as a guiding concept. Dante rises through the nine circles of heavens to reach the last one in which reside God and the blessed souls. Dante’s journey is a symbolic one, from a state of sin to a state of grace, from the dark underworld to a blissful light. 

The event will take place in the wonderful location of the Zeffirelli Museum, a baroque palace hosting the works of Italian film and theatre director Franco Zeffirelli. Our CEO Antonio Russo will be hosting the even, during which we will analyze the imaginary space in the Divine Comedy and the light and architecture of the space in this work of literature. 

This will be the theme of the “Divine Light” event. And it is precisely light that becomes the unifying element of the evening, presented by Uozu.  A brand that aims to create an idea of customized lighting able to meet the needs of contemporary architecture. Uozu wants to spread a new philosophy in which the light element is not only an added value of the architectural project but an indispensable factor to characterize its quality.

We are extremely honored to have three eminent experts in the fields of literature, architecture and cinematography as speakers during the event.
The first speaker, Riccardo Bruscagli, is Professor Emeritus of Italian Literature of the University of Florence and has been one of the most prominent figures in the recent history of the university. His lecture, “Dante, architect of the afterlife” will investigate the rich tradition of literary work and research that in these 700 years has analyzed the relationship between Dante's Comedy and space. 

The second speaker, Luca Molinari, is an architect, design critic and curator. During the event he will present the exhibition of which he is curator, "Italian architecture for the Divine Comedy", currently on view at the Royal Palace of Caserta, where 70 Italian writers and artists of different generations have been invited to interpret the symbolic and narrative universe of Dante's work.

The third speaker, Daniele Nannuzzi, is one of the most famous cinematographers and photography directors in Italy, as well as a lighting designer for theatre. He has received the prestigious “David di Donatello” and the “Golden globe” prizes for best photography direction. His speech “Illuminating the scene” will focus on the impact of lighting in cinematography, as well as his recent recreation of the imaginary space of Dante’s Divine Comedy in the short movie “Zeffirelli’s inferno”.

We are very much looking forward to presenting to you our new collection in such a prestigious location, as well as to fostering an important conversation around the concept of light from such diversified points of view and eminent speakers.