YEAR: 2019
CLIENT: private
PROJECT: Zanyee Hotel Nanhai Foshan
In April 2019, the city of Foshan welcomed the newly built Zanyee Hotel Nanhai, a five-star luxury hotel whose design is inspired by the history and culture of the area of Lingnan. Zanyee Hotel Nanhai, located in the financial high-tech zone of Foshan, in the Guangdong province, is rooted in the Lingnan culture. It combines the design elements of sky, cloud, earth, and water to create a hotel combining high-end intelligent technology and strong humanistic feelings. The lighting design in the common areas of the hotel as well as the guest rooms is perfectly harmonized with the main design concept of the hotel. It creates an environment with a highly natural and comfortable feeling, combining the use of direct and indirect lighting to achieve this effect. The hotel has been developed by Guangdong Zanyee Hotel Management Co. Ltd, subsidiary of Foshan Vanke.
Zanyee Hotel Nanhai Foshan