Uozu is a lighting brand whose mission is to actualize the most innovative, high quality and creative design conceived by Italian professionals in the lighting field. Uozu’s partner in the development of new products, the architectural studio Archea Associati, is one of the most renowned architectural practices in Europe. Our aim is to create a talior-made concept of lighting that perfectly suits our clients’ projects and needs.

    Uozu is the ideal partner of architecture. Our objective is to enhance the aesthetic value of a space and therefore the daily life of people inhabiting it. We believe lighting design should be given a special attention and be integrated into the architecture in a harmonic way, creating a balanced union of light and darkness.

    If there’s a sentence that could express our view of lighting, it’s: “Let the light do the design”. The value of lighting is often underestimated and perceived a secondary in architecture and interior design. Because it’s invisible, we often give it for granted, forgetting the important impact that it has on our lives. But good design would be nothing without good light shining on it.
  • TEAM

    Uozu has an enthusiastic international team, dealing with everything from the R&D to the sales, and collaborating efficiently for the creation of high-quality lighting fixtures and for providing the best possible service to the clients. At Uozu, what we value most is the attitude and the “vision”. We all believe we’re working on something special. We are inspired by the poetic side of lighting. We strive to look forward, in aesthetics and technology.