YEAR: 2018
PROJECT: Grand Hyatt Xi
LIGHTING DESIGN: TinoKwan Lighting Design
Legendary Xi’an was the ancient capital of China, and continues to hold its significance as the starting point of the Modern Silk Road, which is steadily growing across the surrounding regions and ushering in a new era of importance for Xi’an. Situated at the heart of the New Central Business District, Grand Hyatt Xi’an epitomizes the sophisticated metamorphosis of Xi’an; standing as a proud beacon of contemporary lifestyle, timeless culture and world-class luxury. 
Grand Hyatt Xi’an’s impressive glass tower by American RTKL Architects may appear cutting-edge, but its design inspiration is rooted in Xi’an’s history. The 165-meter-high hotel building connects with a 216-meter-high office tower via a Sky Bridge that sits more than 100 meters in the air. The Sky Bridge represents the Ancient Silk Road connecting East and West that established Xi’an as a hub of culture and commerce. Along with the two towers, the Sky Bridge also forms a letter ‘H’ for Hyatt. At ground level, the striking faceted exterior of the hotel shapes the unique guest entrance into a two-story atrium lobby topped with a triangular sloping glass roof.
Grand Hyatt Xi'an